Thank you so much to all past buyers! We feel that each and every one of Our pups have gone to very loving homes! We appreciate all who have kept in touch and sent comments and photo's.  We love our dogs and hope to keep all future pups in loving hands as well. 
Below are some of the photo's and comments we have received...

STELLA- is doing great and we are really enjoying her. We have started puppy class and she loves it. It took her a minute to get warmed up but once she did, she fit right in!!!  now that she is totally comfortable in the house, she thinks she owns every room! She knows how to sit on command! She is still just as cute as the day we picked her up, if not cuter, and we just love her to pieces. She is a great addition to our family. There is so much to tell about her, but I know everyone thinks we talk about her like she is a real baby:)  Thanks so much Tami, you have blessed our home with Stella--Hannah

GUS-Hi Tami & Brad
Just wanted to Thank-you for allowing us to purchase a wonderful silver lab from you. Gus is the most lovable & well mannered puppy we have ever had. He has made a great addition to our breeding program. Thanks again Doug & Robindd text.

He is a great dog, very smart and trainable.  He is growing so fast I cant keep up, but love him to death, and my husband loved him too,and said I could bring a dog like him anytime I wanted without telling him.-Sheryl
Tank as a Pup
PING-She loves to get her picture taken.  She is just a blessing,   we really enjoy her.  She killed a mole that has been a pest in our yard, so that made my husband really brag her up to his friends.-JULIE
PINNEY-"She's been easy to train with the basics like "sit" and "stay".  She found a tennis ball in our yard yesterday, and is loving it.  We played fetch for 20 mins straight yesterday afternoon"-Eve